Boots for a Rancher

These boots went out the door last week and are made to order black ostrich leg cut with calf skin top. I love making the classic box toe he ordered, and in my opinion the leg cut is the most neglected cut on an ostrich hide, sometimes thrown out with the skeleton. I got two more black leg cuts on hand, and if some other rancher doesn't hurry up and order a pair, I am resolved to make a pair for myself.

It is my sincere hope that this new mexican rancher enjoys his new footwear.

Boots for a working cowboy.

These boots are made to order for a fellow I met here in Amarillo at a team-ropin’ event. They feature light brown oil bull vamp, pull holes and a riding heel with spur ridge.

It is always a pleasure to make up boots for folks that spend a great deal of time in the stirrups. Hopefully these boots will help my team-ropin’ friend hit the mark whether he’s going for the head or the heels.

Oil bull, red calfskin top, nicotine ostrich background. 

She's gotta wear somethin... (boots for my wife)

I recently informed my wife that the boots I made her for her birthday are too pretty for her to wear, as we currently need them to show customers. This week, however, she has kindly agreed to help out at our vendor booth down at Abilene's Western Heritage Classic. I am of the opinion that one shouldn't work at the Leverett Boots vendor booth less they are proudly standing in a pair. So I whipped these up for her over the weekend; she's gotta wear somethin. ...and something might as well be made to measure chocolate horse hide with a turquoise James Leddy inspired one row pattern on cemented and pegged sole.

The boots, in my opinion, are much the same as my sweet wife: simple, classy, and they seem to smile back when you look at 'em. Love you, Sarah.

Boots for my Father

These full quill ostrich dress boots with royal blue calfskin tops and 6 rows of stitching are made to measure for my father. It was a joy to make these boots as without him I would likely only be dreaming of having my own shop while slaving for another maker.

He is a real go-getter of a guy and he wears a cowboy hat that, around here, warrants a certain level of respect. Now he has the boots to match. Thanks Dad. 

Boots for a local Lawyer

These black full quill ostrich boots were made to measure for Dee Miller, a local Amarillo Lawyer. They are among the first finished boots to leave the shop. Honestly, I already miss them, but Dee assured me that they would be back soon for new soles.